Ahmad Syafrein Bin Suberi

i Heart You

hey hey
Holla ! Anyeong ! Bonjour ! Assalamualaikum ,I am too lazy to write any thing about my self because it's very hard to describe a 5 feet 4 inches boy in few lines ehehe .. alrite i'm Syaf, a warm welcome to my blog . stay at cheras . 18 for this years. , i was born at hospital kajang on 23th january 1994.
Hey , You are welcoming here . This is my official bloggie .

Nurkhairunnifa bt losai

i miss you
remember I’ll always be there In my mind no one can replace you In my heart I love you so true

I Vow to love you Princess

EverLasting lover (Afafays)

i love you
Don't say goodbye to me because to me goodbye is forever and i don't want to say goodbye because your my lover and i love you .

thanks for visiting my blog ..

“Nurkhairunnifa own's”

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